Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm SUPPOSED to be stitching...

I really am.  I keep telling myself I'm going to spend all day stitching while Steve is at work so I can actually make some visible progress on each of the projects I've been plodding away at.

I did have four going.  Then I completed one and got down to three.  Then I found an awesome image that just screamed "Gift me to this person! It was meant to be!".  The image got charted into a pattern and the WIP count went right back up to four.  I showed off my discovery to a friend who mentioned another cartoon character her husband is just nuts over and within two days I had another chart waiting to be stitched.

WIP count: five. 

Of course, I can't do one for the hubby and ignore the wifle-type person, so her gift got tacked onto the back of the list as well.

WIP count: six.

Steve calmly listened to me ramble on and on to myself about the materials that I'm gonna need to round up from their various hiding places in my craft storage corner.  He managed to stifle a snicker when my monologue to myself stumbled into the recollection that another close friend just announced her engagement and will need a sampler before the wedding date they've already set.  He settled in a little too comfortably and watched quietly while I ran myself in tight little circles trying to figure out how in the world I'm ever going to manage to get any of this stuff done before I stress myself into a local asylum.

Eventually I ran out of steam and glanced suspiciously in his direction.



"Bullpuckey.  What?"

"Oh I was just wondering when you thought you were going to get around to doing that wedding sampler for us.  Or that haunted house chart you just got.  Or that "really cute" baby sampler you were going on and on about for a newborn that's about to turn four.  Or the Christmas pattern you wanted to design and stitch up. Or that new collection of seasonal roses.  Or the calendar snowmen that were gonna go on an afghan.  Or the-"

"When do you have to be back at work again?"


  1. lol our husbands must be secret twins!

  2. I think you've just describe "The Curse of the Stitcher"

  3. LOL, I love it sounds like me with everything that I need to get sitched. The only difference that I see is I only stitch one thing at a time so I have all these things kitted up and ready to go and keep looking at them and adding more to it.

  4. Hey. At least your DH knows your projects ... But maybe that's not such a good thing.

    My DH knows I like to stitch but he never questions me about anything stitching related. When I get stash in the mail he just asks "what is that." but he never makes a comment or complains. I pay out of my own account for my stash.


  5. Heheh. My husband spoils me rotten whether I deserve it or not. I don't think he knows how to tell me "no" if I really want something.

    He'll let me spend as much as I want on stitching and probably wouldn't complain if I blew an entire one of his paychecks and had to scramble to pay the mortgage. Fortunately, I have more self-control than that.

    However! He will never be accused of missing an opportunity to tease me.

    That, of course, goes both ways. Muwhahahahaaaa!

  6. Eventually, after stitching for other people for decades, you get to a place where you only stitch for yourself on projects you like ... take it from someone who has been stitching for a little over 40 years and only cut out the "gift stitches" four or five years ago.