Monday, May 30, 2011

This could be dangerous.....

Okay, so I gave in and finally started a blog.  Those who know me at all are now rolling their eyes and hoping for a longterm power outage.  Those who have a sick sense of humor are likely cackling to themselves and waiting for the inevitable slow motion train wreck that usually follows any decision I make.

Those who know me AND have a sick sense of humor are making popcorn and waiting for the entertainment to begin.....

It's still relatively early in the day so my life hasn't yet had much opportunity to prove that God has an amazing sense of humor.  Guess you're stuck getting to know the cast.....

The husband, dad, and long-suffering head of the household.  He's probably the only one of us who would survive longer than an hour without electricity and plumbing.  He's a hard-worker, got a heart of gold, never met a stranger, can't be bothered with getting sick or injured, and always puts everyone else around him higher on his priority list than himself. 

The preteen.  O M G!  Like, everything is a crisis.  She is Cinderella reincarnated because she has chores to do and when her Prince Charming comes and rescues her from this dungeon she's never going to let us visit the castle. Ever!  Except for her little brother and sister.  She might let them visit.  When the stables need to be cleaned.

She's four.  She thinks she's in charge.  Don't need to say much more than that.

He's three.  He knows better.  Even less needs to be said....

Me.  I'm the one in charge of this zoo while Steve is busy keeping the bills paid.  Which probably explains the total chaos that ensues on a daily basis.  Since anyone who reads this is probably going to get to know me MUCH better than they'd like, I won't waste anymore space here on introductions.


...something downstairs just made a rather loud crash followed by smaller crashes that I'm fairly certain indicates a need for either a lot of glue or Steve's wallet and a trip to the store.



  1. thanks so much for the link!! Love to read your stuff!!! hugs! Maggi = )

  2. Great first blog Kiri, keep them coming :)