Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wow. Writer's block sucks.

I guess today's been relatively boring and mundane... even for me.  I was waiting for that one event that always occurs which would be worthy of a Facebook status update or could be filed away for later use as a torture device once a child reaches dating age.  Nothing like that happened today.

As usual, I was dragged out of bed by the sound of Hunter foraging for food he can't reach.  At some point during the predawn laundry routine Heather showed up at my elbow demanding that I yell at Hunter for waking up before she did. Steve left for work amid a chorus of "Bye Daddy, Love you!!" and an hour or so later Sarah got woken up by her siblings landing in heaps on her blankets and screeching "MOM SAID TO GET UP!"  (Hey... better her than me.)

Not long before lunchtime the contractor showed up to give me an estimate on spiffying up our gutters, followed by me calling Steve and doing my all out best to convince him how good an idea this would be. (Especially since *insert petulant wail here* I don't WANNA clean out the gutters!)

Lunchtime then the usual "I'm not tired! I don't wanna take a nap! I'm not *snore*".

Doc appointment for me.  Yay.  Another visit to a specialist who looks at all my test results that once again tell him there's absolutely no reason for me to be having any of the health issues I'm having.  Now I'm on Symbicort for the rest of my life.  *twitch*

Back home to finish the laundry and put a few more stitches into the project I'm working on now.  Cue that little alarm in my kids' heads that tell them I absolutely, positively MUST be disturbed RIGHT NOW!  And that traitorous feline that could have distracted them for a few seconds just teleported under the bed leaving a cloud of fur behind to settle on said project.  No catnip for her.

A few games of Candyland, several arguments over whose turn it really was, a couple of squabbles over who got to sit in which chair for how long, two migraine pills, and several earsplitting "MOOOOOMMMMMMYYYYYYY!!!!!"s later and it was time for the sudden realization that Steve was due home any minute and I still didn't have the freshly washed sheets back on the bed.  ... which had my cross stitch scattered all over it.   ... and two cats.   ... and some snacks.    ...that were half gone.   ...and the cats were licking their chops and looking suspiciously innocent.   *whimper*   (This could have something to do with why I can never resist the urge to sing "Cuz I'm the waddler, yeah, I'm the waddler... I lean a-left a-right, a-left, a-right...." whenever my cat saunters through a room.)

Dinner was leftovers from yesterday's BBQ.  Can someone please explain to me why it seems to be necessary to make enough food for the French Foreign Legion at every BBQ?  Even if there is a grand total of 8 people there?  Our poor refrigerator was burping and complaining of being stuffed before we got a third of the leftovers put away!  (By the way, I am NOT responsible for random avalanches that may occur when the fridge door is opened.)

Now that the day is over, I'm sitting here at the keyboard racking my brain for anything worth saying.  I'm coming up with zilch.  Zero.  Nada.  A big goose egg.  Nothing.  Writer's block at its worst.

And yet there's still a mile long page crammed full of babbling here.  Yeah.  I'm that good.


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