Saturday, December 29, 2012

And here we go...

As promised... or threatened...

The day is nearly ended and it's coming up on time to get on the Tread Climber again.  It's actually pretty fun and it doesn't really feel like I'm working until about halfway through.  Then my body seems to realize it's exercising and suddenly goes into melodrama mode.  You know... the point where your legs somehow manage to turn into jello and ocean liner anchors at the same time.  Since you really only need to commit to 20 minutes a day, it's not exactly a huge challenge and I make it even easier by popping a movie into the Bluray to distract me from the clock.

Oh... and that picture I promised.  *twitch*

It took a few attempts at photos.  First I couldn't remember how to look at the camera lens instead of the screen.  Then I was horribly distracted by an orange furball who was so intensely curious about what I was doing that he smudged up the camera.  After that I noticed that my mirror was in desperate need of cleaning, followed by a couple more failed efforts to get a picture I liked.  Eventually it occured to me that the whole reason I am doing this is because I don't like what I look like anymore and it's awfully hard to get a satisfactory picture when the raw material is subpar.

Soooooo.  You're stuck with that.  Today is the starting point, so hopefully I'll be much improved, and much smaller than my current 167 pounds, by February 9th which is the end of the 6 week window they want us to give ourselves.

Course, I didn't give myself any headstarts by going to see The Hobbit with Sarah today and snarfing down half a small bag of popcorn. 


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