Monday, December 31, 2012

It's the END!!!! What'll we dooooooo?????

OMG it's the end!  How we get through it?!? The EEEENNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDD is here!!!!!


Sorry.  Had to be done.

So 2012 is closing and it's a time of reflection and evaluation and self-examination and optimism for the new year and...

Yeah.  Right.  I barely rolled out of bed this morning.  Just like yesterday.  Just like tomorrow.

I don't get terribly excited about new years.  For the first few weeks, new years tend to be a headache for me.  I know I'm not the only one who stands there with a blank stare on my face while someone is waiting for me to figure out what year it is.  By the time I finally get that down without having to grab my phone and pull up the calendar app, it's time to grab my phone and pull up the calculator app so I can figure how old I am this birthday.  By the time I finally get around to accepting that particular hard truth, it's time to grab calendars for the NEXT year because it took me 10 months to drag my sorry butt into the current year.

Now I know that everyone's all about going to the New Year's Eve parties and celebrating in their own fashion, but I just cannot bring myself to do that anymore.

There's just something disturbing about bragging about going out with a bunch of friends to get roaring drunk and stand around waiting to see someone's ball drop.

I mean... didn't we go through this at puberty?

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  1. Well, we stayed home and only 2 of 4 of us made it to midnight so I am right with you. LOL. I do like New Year's eve because I drink champagne. Makes my nose tickle.