Sunday, August 7, 2011

Concert Night!!

Yeah, I know.  It's been 3 days since my last blog.  As most of you already know, I got the phone call that my Grandma passed yesterday, so it's been a bit of a challenge staying positive enough to make fun of the people around me.  Wait... that came out wrong.

If there was anyone in the world who could make you smile just by walking into the room, it was Grandma.  She was amazing.  I never saw her be anything but loving to everyone she ever came  into contact with and she was easily a bigger kid than any of us grandchildren.  And that's going some... I think I got a fair amount of my screwballness from her and I'll be forever grateful for it! 

For example, when I was about 7 we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa and ended up at the grocery store.  At some point I threw a temper tantrum when Mom said I couldn't have some treat or something.  Mom rolled her eyes and pointedly ignored me, Dad threatened my life as soon as we were someplace that didn't have witnesses, Grandpa shot Dad a "Better you than me" grin, and Grandma calmly sat down in the middle of the aisle.

...and threw a knockdown, dragout, feet kicking, arms flailing, top of her lungs temper tantrum right there on the floor.  Once she had drawn a sufficient crowd of people with jaws hanging slack, she abruptly stopped howling, stood up, smiled sweetly at everyone and asked if I thought I'd looked any less ridiculous.

I never threw another fit of any kind.  And she became my role model.  Which probably explains alot, actually.

She's definitely going to be missed, but if she caught me wallowing in misery I'm sure I'd get an earful and I'm not about to find out how big a temper tantrum a ghost can churn up. 

Well, today's Sunday and as always that means we're busy busy busy from 6am to sometime around midnight.  And tonight was a concert by the Katinas.  It was an amazing show and very moving!  I can't wait until they come back again.

I had originally intended to stay home because a concert with two small children in tow is rarely any fun, but they both insisted they wanted to go to church.  So, they went.  Steve works in the AV department which means we had to be there at least an hour before start time.  Sarah was meeting a friend at the concert with plans to go home with her family for a sleepover.  Just me and the rugrats until the show began. Yay.  Bored children.  For an hour.


"When's it going to start?" "I want to hear the music!" "Can we go get something to eat?" "I'm bored." "Mom, where's your word game?" (Kindle) "Why won't Daddy let us play in the spotlights?" "Is it starting soon?"

I wanna go home...

Finally it was time to begin and the lights went down.  There were two performers before the Katinas took the stage and throughout the duration of each of them, I was unable to really pay attention because I was dealing with a litany of "Is that them?" "When do we get to hear them?" "Isn't it starting yet?" "Where are they?"

Heather refused to sit still and started trying to run laps back and forth past the stage.  I discovered it was rather difficult to keep up with her with Hunter in my arms sabotaging any attempts to grab at her, so I plopped him in my seat and said firmly, "Stay put."  Yeah. Right.  Fortunately, a really great friend who was sitting behind us reached out and nabbed Hunter so I could go retrieve my daughter who was now quite happily trying to her darndest to steal all attention from B. Reith as he performed his last song for the evening.

Once I'd caught the girlchild and planted her back in our seats, it was time for the Katinas to come out and sing.  There was cheering, shouting, clapping, singing along, drums, keyboards, guitar, and great vocals.   Lots of people jumped up to dance to the music.  I thoroughly enjoyed their first song and turned to Heather and Hunter to see what they thought of the group they'd been fussing and nagging about wanting to hear.

Heather was sprawled out across four seats and fascinated with the lights in the ceiling.
Hunter was comfortably snoring in Tanya's arms.

Ermm... I suppose everyone enjoys concerts in their own way?

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