Monday, August 15, 2011

Mundane Mondays

The weekend is over.  Woot?

I can't even remember what we did on Saturday, so it must have been absolutely rivetting.  Oh wait, now I remember.  I hauled everyone out of the house early so we could run a couple of errands and be home before lunch so the day could be properly wasted.  We had to go to the Post Office and stop at Lifeway for a little kids' party they were hosting.  We ended up going to the Post Office, getting Hunter a haircut, letting Steve get a damaged toolkit replaced, running over to Lifeway and staying for an hour, raiding Hobby Lobby, visiting our favorite waitress at Ryan's and THEN heading home to relax for the rest of the day. 

In other words, I chased the littles around the inside of the house while Steve and Rona did two house's worth of yardwork for a couple of hours.  Then I threw together some pitiful excuse for a dinner while Steve and one of our other neighbors finished putting a bedliner in his truck until the sun started to set.

I think I got some stitching done, but I'm really not sure how much since I had been fighting off a migraine all day and was by that time feeling pretty good with the help of a dose of medications, if ya know what I mean.

Yup.  A totally wasted and relaxing day where no one had to do anything.


Sunday means church from 8am to 9pm; two morning services and an evening service.  We attend every service because Steve works in the AV department while I volunteer by gophering around the building running messages or errands from one department to the next as needed when I'm not scheduled to be on stage singing.  I love doing it and on the days I have to dress like I have some semblance of fashion sense, it becomes a game to remember where I tossed my heels before darting barefoot throughout the halls. 

Understandably, thirteen hour days can wear out anyone and by the time the kids were all in bed all I wanted to do was collapse and go to sleep early.  So what did we do?  We sat up and watched half the America's Got Talent season on the DVR.  Can I just say that the Russian Bars trio is stunningly beautiful, breathtakingly talented, and COMPLETELY off their rockers?  Just thought I'd point that out.

Anyway, today I'm dragging pretty badly and even finding it difficult to force my brain to crawl out of its cocoon and put in an appearance, as is likely evident by the endless babbling you've already waded through.

Hunter and Heather were up and moving a little before 6am again.  I'm giving serious consideration to velcro sheets and duct tape comforters...

Sarah seems to have finally gotten the hang of being awake and functional before her bus arrives and helped me out a ton by getting breakfast for the kids and putting a movie in for them so I could stay in bed a bit longer.  If only she hadn't picked a movie that sent both kids charging into our bedroom wailing about the big mean dinosaur that was chasing all the rest of the not-so-mean dinosaurs.


Fast forward to lunchtime.  The littles wanted to be helpful so they got all the ingredients they could reach and put them on the counter for me.  Once I'd put away the sugar, the cookies, the cake frosting, the carton of ice cream, the brownie mix, and a candy bar I think he found in Sarah's room I made them sandwiches and left them to watch Mickey Mouse while they chowed down.

Not too much later, sounds of giggling and stampeding feet ("pitter patter of little feet" my fuzzy patookus) made it fairly obvious that they were finished with lunch so I started to collect dishes. 

Odd.  I was sure I fed two kids.  Shouldn't I have two sets of dishes?

"Hunter, where are your dishes?"
"In the trash."


"Why would you throw your dishes away?!?"
"So you don't have to wash them."


"Thanks, sweetie."

Hey, he was thinking of me and being courteous to my needs.  I'm sure Steve will be totally understanding when we start buying new sets of dishes every month.

Dontcha think?

I should probably go fish those things out of the trash now.

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