Thursday, August 25, 2011

Homework can be done anywhere but home.

Ask me how I know this...

My class was on Saturday.  By the time I got home Saturday night after class and running back out for extra supplies, I had a houseful of kids who were demanding attention "right now!" and a hubby who had spent the entire day turning the garage/warehouse-with-no-room-to-take-a-step-safely into a garage.  Apparently he pulled everything inside the garage out onto the lawn and driveway, built two workbenches and one shelving system, threw away a bunch of stuff (my personal favorite), repaired a few broken things, reorganized pretty much everything, and neatly put it all back into the garage. 


Except that he was too exhausted to watch the kids, so there was no way I was gonna get anything even remotely constructive done.  Unless you count undoing everything the kids had done to the house while Steve was busy.  So I did the next best thing... well, you read about that on my last blog.

Sunday is church.  NOTHING else gets done on Sundays.  We like it that way.

Monday is my catch up on the weekend's housework day.  By the time I'm up to where I should be, it's lunchtime, the kids are in full swing, and I'm worn out and not the least bit interested in concentrating on anything other than a chart and pretty colored threads.

Tuesday was the day I wanted to do my homework.  As soon as I pulled my books out, the kids were curious and in the middle of everything.  "What's this?" "Can I read this?" "Ooh highlighters! Can I color on these pages?" "We can help you do your homework!" "Why are you putting everything away again?" 

Poor Steve had a meeting Tuesday evening and probably didn't get to pay much attention due to the texts he kept getting from me begging permission to teach the children how to play chicken out in heavy traffic. 

It was a bit odd that he was home about ten minutes after that particular message was sent, though...

Anyway, we got the kids into bed and he let me pretend I wasn't a mom for the rest of the evening while I did three chapters worth of homework.  I had another chapter to go, but four hours had gone by and he was glaring at the clock as it announced it was midnight, so I figured I should probably quit for the night and let him sleep.

What?  I'm kind of an overachiever when it comes to doing homework.  At least for the first month.  Since this class only lasts for four months, I stand a great chance of getting 25% of my work done for the course.


Yesterday just wasn't going to be a homework day.  The kids had filled their weekly quota of behaving themselves and were anxious to go back to church in the evening and see their friends.  Starting at about 9am it was "Can we get ready for church?"  "What time are we gonna leave for church?" "Is Daddy coming home soon? It's almost time for church!" "Can you make dinner now so we can go to church?  I'm hungry!" "Is that dinner? Yay! It's almost time for church!" "I don't wanna eat this.  I'm not hungry now.  Can we leave now?"

Let's just say that by the time we actually got to church, I was in real danger of getting struck by lightning just by attempting to open the front doors.

So now it's Thursday and I still have a chapter to do before class on Saturday and there's no chance at all that I'll be able to do any schoolwork tomorrow.  Fridays are just too jampacked with my online updates and wrapping up the week before heading to our church softball games.

I have to do my work today.  *whimper* 

So I pulled out my books and of course the kids attacked.  But I won't be overcome this time. I will prevail!  I know!

Me: "Hey, you guys sit here and make sure my papers don't get up and leave while I read this chapter out loud.  Okay?" 

Kids: "Okay!" "Yay!"

Me: "Chapter 4: Dependent Exemptions and Support.  Taxpayers who have children have an opportunity to qualify for many tax benefits that may .... "

Heather: "Mom, I think 'Phineas and Ferb' is on now.  I'm gonna go watch that.  Coming, Hunter?"

Hunter, curled up on Daddy's pillow: *snore*


Why didn't I think of this before?!?!

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