Friday, August 12, 2011

WIP Friday and borderline sanity issues.

It's too soon.  I'm not ready to for it to be Friday.  I didn't get enough stitching done. 

Oh well, here's my progress on Call of the Wild for the week. 

Not even remotely close to as much as I'd like to have shown off, but what can ya do?  Now it's time to get back to the little Christmas Garfield project.  I'll finish that one this week even if I have to disconnect every clock in the house at 11:50pm Thursday night.

I can just see Steve trying to explain to his superiors that he was late to work because his wife wasn't done with a stitching project on time.  "Riiigghhhht.  We'll see you at Mental Health first thing in the morning."

Speaking of.  Steve I mean.  Not mental health.  Hey, let's get one thing straight right now:  I do NOT suffer from insanity.

I enjoy every second of it.



Steve got home last night!  Yay!  He was only gone for four days, but it still felt like forever for me.  We've been through enough deployments over the last 5 years that I'm of the firm belief that we have filled our quota of "alone time" for the rest of our lives.  Every time they send him somewhere, even stateside, it feels like they're stealing time they're no longer entitled to and I begrudge them of that.  I know all you other military spouses feel the same way.

If I want time away from my husband I can go upstairs or turn on a television show I want to watch.  Nothing will clear that man out of the room faster than hearing one of my forensic shows firing up.  Muwhahahahaaaaa!

This morning I was taking the trash out and I spotted my friend Rona out with her dogs.  She was about as awake as I was, so of course I trekked across the street so we could revel in the fact that we each looked like we'd just stuck our fingers in a light socket.  After we finished giggling at each other, she pointed at Steve's car and mentioned that she was glad to see he was home.

"Yeah.  He got home last night."  *yawn*  "Sorry, I'm tired."


I hope our laughter didn't wake any of the neighbors...

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