Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bushy tailed and bright eyed! .... honest.

*sidesteps a lightning bolt*

Alright alright.  So there is absolutely NOTHING bright eyed or bushy tailed about me today, but I'm up and moving anyway.

The plan was to be out of bed by 6:00am and have everyone packed up, in the car, and on the way to church by 7:00am.  What happened was us hearing Sarah get into the shower at 6:30am.  Steve grumbled about his alarm not being set and rolled out of bed muttering something about us taking two cars this morning and got himself ready to go while I laid there watching him and mentally poking myself to drag my own backside out from under the covers.

I knew there was no chance of us making it to church early, so I said the kids and I would get there in time for the 8:00am service. I set my alarm to give myself another 15 mins of sleep and waved bye to Steve who still had to get there early to do his job.

Apparently, I am an absolute master of hitting the snooze button.  In fact, I hit the snooze button so much this morning that I distinctly recall hearing the alarm say in no uncertain terms, "Do that one more time and I hit back."


Mornings.  Oh well.  At least it's not Monday.

When I finally did manage to oust myself and open the bedroom door, I got run down by four maniacs intent on being the first body to land in the warm spot I had just vacated.  After checking for damage to my person, I asked Sarah to go get her brother and sister and bring them downstairs so I could get them dressed for church.


*growl* I could have done that....

It took me a couple of minutes to peel myself off the ceiling, and couple more minutes to match Sarah's volume while telling her that
I didn't need her to wake up the entire neighborhood,

I just needed her to go get her siblings, and that it's

extremely obnoxious to be screaming at that volume at this hour of the morning!!


*cough* Not one word from anyone.  Not one.

Eventually everyone was dressed and ready to go to church.  We even made it on time! 

...for the 9:00am service.

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