Monday, January 21, 2013

My blog. My title. Get over it.

I just had a rather interesting note sent to me via Facebook.  One of those friend of a friend of a friend kind of things, I think.

On a positive note, it got me to double check and tweak my privacy settings again.

I have no idea who this person was.  The name looked suspiciously like something you'd get if you entered Bartholemew Aliouicious the Third into one of those "What's your Hobbit Name?" doohickies.  There wasn't even a profile picture; just that blue and white portrait thingie they have. I got agitated and deleted it before it occured to me to try to figure out who it might have been.

The basic gist of the message?

My blog is offensive and should be banned from the internet because I have a "prayer" in the title.


You're kidding right?

There are blogs depicting crime scenes, S&M, bigotry, racism, political rantings, random attacks on equally random groups of people, etc, etc, etc...

And my blog is offensive because I have the audacity to say "Dear Lord"?

Well, I have a couple of things to say in response...

Bless You.

Heavenly Father watch over you.

In our Lord and Savior's holy name.

Jesus loves you.

May your days be blessed with Heaven's Grace.

May all the angelic hosts of Heaven guard your every step.

God protect you.

Oh... and I almost forgot.

Dear Lord.... HELP me to bite my tongue when I need to no matter how badly some people desperately need to show off their complete lack of double digit IQs.


P.S. - Maybe a side of tact with a sprinkling of patience would be in order too.


  1. Send them over to mine I have Wicca mentioned in my header LOL

  2. Heheh! I'd love to see the fallout from that!

  3. lol Vicky. I would try giving them a sprinkling of 'get something better to do with your time!'

  4. Hehe.. that tact and patience are for me!!!
    Lord knows I need a truckload of both!