Saturday, January 5, 2013

One week down, five to go.

Well, I survived the first week of this "improved" lifestyle.

Loosely translated:

~I got on the Tread Climber every day like I was supposed to, and even enjoyed it when I wasn't struggling to inhale.
~I managed to avoid eating chocolate and junk food for more than 7 hours the first day.
~I am actually eating salads for lunch everyday (except today... had half a sonic burger today).
~I checked the calendar to see how much longer I'm going to be doing this to myself and I didn't burst into tears this time.

I'm down to 165 pounds, having weighed myself about an hour after eating lunch.  Only two pounds in the first week and I have to admit I'm sorely disappointed by that.  If not for promising to blog about this misadventure, that abysmal result right there would probably be enough to make me quit and eat a package of After Eights. (If I could get my grubby paws ON a package of After Eights anymore.  *sob!*)

There are a few obstacles trying to make me give up.  First of these being the fact that in order for me to be able to find a few uninterrupted moments without an audience, I had to wait until 2:00 in the morning the first couple of days.  That's now settled to a bright and early 11:00pm.  I keep trying to move it up a few minutes each evening, but so far, no success.  I guess that isn't too big a deal in the long run, since I'll be working the evening shift and won't get home to do my workouts til after 11:00pm anyway.

Sleep's overrated.  I've been functioning just fine without it since 1995. 


Another roadblock I really should have seen coming is this blasted breathing problem I've got.  While I'm no longer in pain trying to inhale thanks to the Lyrica, it is still impossible for me to feel like I'm getting any air into my lungs while I'm on the Tread Climber.  I can inhale and inhale and inhale (and make it hurt in the process) but I still feel like my lungs are empty.  I guess the easiest way I could describe it is to be sucking in as much air as physically possible, but it feels like it's not being routed to the right place.
I assume I am actually getting the oxygen my body needs since no one's had to catch me or pick up my carcass and plant me back on the Tread Climber yet, so I'll keep plodding away at it.

Then there's the expected speedbump of my complete lack of willpower when it comes to foods.  It became apparent the first day that I stood no chance of changing this aspect of my life.  I promise I cleared all the candy away from my desk and stitching area.  I sat down and had one of those Atkins shakes for breakfast and was minding my own business all aglow with the potential of getting healthy again.  Then it happened.

A mob of chocolate candy swarmed me.  You should have seen them!  There were Kit Kats (I'll give you a break...), Crunch bars, Baby Ruths (yeah, they hit like the Slugger too!), Twix bars, Andes mints... even the kids' bags of leftover Halloween candy joined the melee.  I had no choice but to defend myself and eat everything in sight!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it, and a few other things til I wash my hands.  *cough*


I know, I know. 

I'll go get back on the Tread Climber now....

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  1. keep it up, the only thing I found that help was not having anything like that in the house and since I buy the groceries... if I didn't buy them, then I couldn't have them. Hang in there we are rooting for you.