Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yeah, yeah... it's been a week...

So, apparently someone aided a whole collection of days in escape without my authorization.

Once the culprit has been outted, there WILL be repercussions!



Okay, so let's get the ugly stuff over with first, shall we?

I said I might get courageous and post picture updates as we watch this slow motion train wreck. So before I can chicken out of that promise....
Took this one yesterday morning.  I must admit that I'm pleasantly surprised.  There is actually a visible, albeit teensy, difference between this photo and the first one.  And I'm fitting comfortably into a pair of dress slacks that used to whimper in terror when I glanced in their general direction.

My diet has improved a tad.  I'm not eating junk food day in and day out anymore.  I'm eating salads drenched in my favorite dressing (mmmmmmmmmm... Russian!) for lunch, Atkins shakes for breakfast, protein bars in between meals, and when I absolutely MUST satisfy a craving for dark chocolate, I have dark chocolate covered raisins and almonds to choose from.

Still getting used to my metabolism demanding something to eat every other hour though.  I now see why they keep saying that you should eat six times a day instead of just three.  And I'm constantly startling myself with how little I manage to eat at each meal before my stomach calls it quits.

Although, that could have something to do with our typical meal conversations too...

Tonight for example, we somehow started talking about extended family.  Being a military family, "extended" family generally means extended travel to see any of them.  So Heather started trying to remember where everyone lived.

Heather: "Grandma lived in Georgia!"
Me: "Which Grandma?"
Heather: *pointing to my Mother-in-Law* "Grandma!"
Me: "No.  My mother used to live in Georgia.  Aunt Tanya and Grandpa live in Georgia."
Heather: "Oh yeah."
Me: "So where did Grandma *pointing to Mother-in-Law again* used to live?"
Mom: "In the State of Confusion."
Heather: "Where's that?"
Hunter: "Can I go visit?"
Sarah: "You're already there."
Steve: *pointedly ignoring this latest bit of chatter* "Where does Aunt Meredith live?"
Heather: "Ummm... Texas."
Me: "Good job!  And what about us?"
Heather: "That's easy!....



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