Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday again. WIP me!!

We'll wait a couple of seconds while the folks with the dirty minds calm down.... I can't say too much, I used to have a whip some friends gave me for my 25th birthday.  It wasn't a real whip, of course, and it had a string attached to the end of it that left red dye all over everything it touched.  As a matter of fact, it got passed around the club so much that I actually had to go looking for it before our party broke up and we went home.  It was a cool gag gift!

*looks around*




I didn't get wolfie-poo done this week.  (I know.  Shock all around, right?)  But look at how much progress I made on him!!!

I'm very pleased with myself, lemme tell you!  And I'll tell her over there.  And my buddy that I just spotted.  And that complete stranger who just noticed me and suddenly looks rather alarmed.....


This coming week will see me working on the little Garfield project I'm stitching up for Christmas.  Once I complete him, I think I'm going to take a week to "design" a small Christmas ornament suitable for singers and band members.  Loosely translated: I'm gonna find something relatively simple but obviously Christmas-y and chart something equally simple but obviously musical on top of it.  If I can manage to pull this off satisfactorily, I'll stitch up a bunch of those for the folks in our church choir for Christmas this year.

.. or more likely next year.  We all know how fast I actually manage to complete any of my endeavors.  About the only thing I can consistantly complete on time or even early is sabotaging my attempts to complete things on time.

Oh well, this way I can hold out hopes that I'm guaranteed to be late for my own funeral.

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