Monday, July 25, 2011

No TV or internet; Day 4....

No update yesterday as Sundays are always pretty well jam-packed for us and by the time Steve and I get to sit down and inhale, we're generally 8.4 seconds from slipping into an 8 or 9 hour coma.  If anything entertaining happened, I don't remember it.

As for today.... *twitch*

The day started well enough.  The kids woke up and seemed to realize that the television wasn't going to be turned on, so they actually stayed up in their playroom until I got around to wandering up there and offering them breakfast.  I was thoroughly impressed!

When 8:00 rolled around, Sarah got rousted and I got the evil eye.  *insert overdramatic shudder of terror*  But at least she got up with minimal griping.

Of course, once Steve left the house the acts came to a screeching halt and reality set in.  Sarah headed for the diningroom table and sacked out with one of Heather's puzzles.  Heather wanted to help, Sarah said no, Heather commenced to wailing like a banshee, Hunter promptly one-upped her by screeching that she was too loud, and once again it was my duty to give whole new meaning to breaking the sound barrier...


Some time later my stitching was interrupted by Heather and Hunter getting louder and louder while engaged in a classic battle of wits:

"Did too!" "Did not!" "Did too!" "Did not!" 

I feel I should point out that Sarah is well on her way to being a great mom.  Somehow she tuned out their voices completely and was totally unphased by the shouting going on not four feet away from her.  I finally gave up on it ending peacefully or at least going on at a lower volume and told them to stop arguing.  Heather looked up with a grin and waved one of two stuffed dogs at me, "We aren't arguing.  The puppies are!" 

Hunter scowled and said, "They are not."

"Are too!" "Are not!" "Are too!" "Are not!"


Sarah got to escape for awhile today due to basketball camp starting at our church today.  She gets to go every day this week, which makes losing her computer alot easier I'm sure.  While she was gone, the littles and I ran out to the store to grab some bread.  We passed a display that had an Elmo piñata and they asked about it.  In a typically naive fashion, I explained what piñatas are and what is done with them at parties.  Let's just say that the cashier was highly amused when I had to snap "No you can NOT see if your brother is really a piñata!"

Once again... *twitch*

Fast forward to after dinner.  Dad's home and that means playtime!  The kids wanted to go outside and play ball, but the mercury is still happily sitting in the 90­°s and Steve's not a fan of miserably oppressing heat and humidity.  So what do you do when it's just too hot to play ball outside?

Play ball in the livingroom and diningroom of course!

*sigh*  I'm gonna go cross stitch.


  1. a friend of mine just gave me a suggestion that is SO good, I'm sharing.

    When my boys (almost 4 & 7) start griping, tattling, etc. The response is a nice, "hey, if you have time for that, you have time for..." and hand them a damp rag and point them in the direction of whatever they can't hurt too much.

    I also reworded it a bit, so cleaning isn't punishment. I bought special bright microfiber cloths and let them pick out their favorite color. They were outdoing themselves searching for more to clean. I got clean bannisters, radiators, baseboards, etc.

    Beth :D

  2. Oh yeah.... I'm doing that! Got a whole house that would be spotless with the amount of bickering mine do! LOL!!