Saturday, July 23, 2011

No TV or internet; Day 2.....

Welp.  I've been cheating.  Steve's cheating.  The kids haven't been cheating, though not for lack of serious trying.

I've been peeking at my email and grabbing those game credits on Facebook when I log in to update my blog, even though I said I wouldn't.  But I haven't been playing any of the games and I haven't spent more than ten minutes beyond the time it takes to blog on the computer, so I'm not beating myself up tooooo badly.  I think it shows that I can probably handle it just fine if internet time were to suddenly get rationed.

Steve is on the net right now.  Granted, he only does it when I'm on my computer blogging, and he only takes about ten minutes, but he's using my internet time as an excuse to get some of his own.  I'm not sure I wouldn't be doing the same thing...  In his defense, he hasn't gone anywhere near Facebook since Friday and doesn't seem to be missing it at all.  In fact, I'm pretty well convinced that Steve would be in seventh heaven if the world suddenly lost all access to electricity and he had free rein to live out that song "A Country Boy Can Survive".  (No, Lord... that's not a dare, HONEST!)

The kids have begun a mantra at each meal.  "Can we watch a movie while we eat?"  "Can we watch cartoons while we eat?"  "Can we watch ANYTHING while we eat?"  Yep!  You can watch me glare at you until my eyes fall out while you eat.  Whatcha think?

For the first time in nearly a year, Heather was awake and downstairs before Hunter woke up.  She woke us up by saying "Where's Hunter?" I popped straight up in bed and squeaked "Oh no! My computer!"  Steve said "Go tell Hunter to come here so we can talk to him."  Heather bobbed her head with a grin and piped "Okay!"  She then darted down the hallway and I scrambled out of bed to follow her and minimize the damage he could be doing to my machine.  Apparently unaware that I was behind her, Heather bolted straight to Hunter's bed and started chanting "Hunter, wake up! Mom and Dad want to talk to you.  Hunter, wake up! Mom and Dad want to talk to you."  So, naturally, Hunter woke up cranky.


Sarah tried to sleep in, but since school starts in a couple of weeks, we've decided to wean her off of her "I'll roll out of bed when my stomach starts to growl too loudly to sleep through the racket" schedule.  Once 8am made an appearance, she got rousted.  To my shock, she quietly gathered the necessary supplies and went straight into the bathroom to shower.

Observation:  Take the computer away and a teenager rediscovers personal hygiene.

Typically when Steve's still sleeping, I would kill the morning time on Facebook since I can't really turn on all my stitching lights and expect him to be able to continue slumbering away his Saturday.  Hrmm.. not today.  What to do instead?  At which point I stepped on something sharp and took a long overdue look at my carpet.  Ah hah!  THAT's what I'll do this morning!

It completely escaped me that revving up a full power Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner would probably have the same result as flooding the bedroom with a dozen 100 watt lights.

But the carpet is safe to walk on again.

Steve gave up on sleep and took a shower.  Then he went outside in 94° heat to mow three lawns.  Yes, I laughed my backside off at him needing to be freshly cleaned before he sat down in his prized lawnmower to get covered in sweat, grass clippings, dirt and dust, and whatever transfers onto skin and clothing when men work on engines and tools.  He failed to see what I found so amusing.

While Steve was busy doing what guys do, the kids entertained themselves by playing a Justin Bieber CD over and over and over and over.  The only thing that kept me from killing them was knowing that Sarah was teaching Heather and Hunter some dance routine she'd made up.  That lasted almost two hours.

If I hear "Baby, Baby" one more time SOMEONE is going to die.  Just sayin'.

Now it's evening and dinner has been devoured and cleaned up. 

Hunter, who refused to eat, has been sent to bed and is repeatedly trying to sneak around his room to play.  Fortunately, he hasn't yet figured out that sound travels.  Well, not so fortunately for him I suppose.

Steve has finished entering contests for hunting gear, fishing gear, handyman tools, and assorted other guarantees that, should he win, I won't see him for days at a time and has pulled out his beading supplies.  He's working on a cute little bracelet for Heather. When he finishes it, he'll go back and try to fix the first bracelet he ever made (which was gifted to Sarah) as he doesn't like that some areas are tighter than others.  I think the clasp on it broke as well, because he had to make a special trip to the hobby store for higher quality clasps.

Heather and Sarah are downstairs bickering at each other about something or other.  I'm not sure but I think it has to do with who gets to play with Heather's babydoll. 

I think Sarah may be suffering from withdrawals more than we anticipated.

As for how I'm handling things?  Well, I have to admit that I miss turning on the TV to let a 9 hour marathon of forensic shows drone on while I stitch.  Instead I'm letting audiobooks drone on for hours upon hours.  Currently it's "The Word of Promise" which is 79 CDs long and is an amazing performance of the Holy Bible.  Today has been the books of Samuel and Kings and if I can fend off sleepiness, I may get to start 1 Chronicles before zonking and drooling on my pillow. probably didn't need that image.


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