Saturday, July 30, 2011


*cough*  I mean... erm... yeah.  Don't worry, I'm over the PMS thing.  It's safe to keep reading.

Relatively speaking.

We have survived our week of self-imposed exile from all things monitor-ish.  I realize I'm late with updates again, but I honestly didn't have a huge urge to get online the last couple of days.  Kinda weird considering I thought I was gonna cave on Wednesday.

Yesterday was the first day everyone could get back onto the internet or turn on TVs.  I heard the littles pop out of bed with shouts of "It's Friday!  We can watch TV!"  *groan*  Oh well, guess things are back to normal.  I made them their breakfast and they sat at the table and watched a "Your Baby Can Read" DVD while they ate.  When their dishes were dumped into the sink, Heather turned to Hunter and asked, "Wanna go play upstairs?" "Yep!"


Even today, they ate breakfast while watching "Little Einsteins" and are now happily playing in their playroom with no television.


Wait...  Hunter just howled in outrage.  Heather snatched a toy out of his hands.  *shrug*  At least the television's off!

Sarah's on her computer of course.  I suppose it was too much to expect a teenager to decide the internet chat rooms aren't as interesting as a good book or new drawings.  But I do need to point out that the chatroom she's in all the time has this thing where the kids draw pictures while everyone else watches in real time.  Usually there's some nuisance person who will "scribble" on the drawings while they're working, but whenever that happens to one of Sarah's pictures the chat erupts into vehement objections and threats to boot the offender.  It would seem she has something of a small fan base already.  I love it!

Since I missed yesterday's WIP update, you're stuck with it now. Muwahahahaaa!  But, I'm too lazy to type up a fresh schpeal so I'm just going to copy over what I posted on SapphireDreams.  Again, I say Muwahahahaaa!

"FINALLY! The ribbons and the border are DONE! I absolutely refused to put this down and consider the week finished until I'd managed to stitch the last of the gold into those little corner decorations. I have discovered that gold cord and I do NOT get along. When I first started trying to use it, I wasn't entirely convinced I was using it correctly and I honestly believe it could smell my fear. There was much snarling, frogging, cursing, breaking, frogging, threatening, knotting, and frogging to be had the first few days of this week.

Eventually I swallowed my pride and went to beg knowledge from my usual source of stitching expertise and posted a "Someone please help the stitching idjit!!!" question on the 123 Stitch! board and was pleasantly surprised to learn that I was actually doing everything correctly.
*throws knowing glare and slightly maniacal smirk at the spool of gold cord, which looks for all the world to suddenly be cowering*
The remaining time spent stitching went remarkably more smoothly, when I was able to actually sit and stitch. Our church hosted a basketball camp and I found they needed more help with the daily lunches. Plus I decided to impose a seven day blackout of all televisions and computers. It was a VERY active week here and my alone time was decimated, but I don't really mind. I've enjoyed the past few days immensely, even with the occasional fit of totally unnecessary drama that somehow always manages to weasel its way into a gathering of three or more females."

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