Friday, July 8, 2011

Should I ever get delusions of normalcy....

... they never last long.

As is typical, my alarm clock went off while it was still dark.  That is, it rolled out of bed with a thud that reverberated around my room and gave my wall hangings anxiety attacks, scampered loudly down the upstairs hallway, thumped down each.




into the livingroom,bounded back up the steps for a couple of minutes, and then thumped down





back into the livingroom before realizing I was awake and cheerfully offering to get breakfast without any help. 

*insert slightly panicked "No, I'll get it for you!"

By the time Hunter was fed and I was finished gathering the trash for trash day it dawned on me that today is Friday and that means WIP reports.  Only, I didn't do mine last night before bed as I was supposed to do.  Doh.  Grabbed my camera and sat down to upload and edit the photo I took this week's stitching.

Errm?  I don't remember this picture


Doesn't look much like stitching to me.

Doesn't look like ANYTHING to me.

This explains alot.

Once I solved that mini mystery, I managed to get my WIP report finished.  You'll have to go over to my website to see it though.  Yup! Shameless plugging of my page in progress. Predictably, the most recent stuff is at the bottom there.

By this time, Heather and Sarah had rolled out of bed and were wanting to know what the day's agenda is.  Nothing.  Zilch.  Nada.  Ain't doing a thing!  The littles started to look all brokenhearted so I tried to cheer them up by telling them that tomorrow we get to go over to Sam's so they can get their ID kits done. Of course they didn't know what this meant so I explained that they'll get to go talk to a police officer and a nurse and get their fingerprints taken.

Hunter burst into tears.  Huh??  I asked him what was wrong and he wailed out in classic 3 year old flawed english, "I doh wan*gasp* go do chale!!!"  (For those who don't speak Toddler Howl-inese: "I don't wanna go to jail.")

Why on Earth would he think that???  Wait...

I managed to catch a glimpse of Sarah discreetly making herself scarce.  *growl*  As I turned toward her room to clear this little ... misunderstanding... up, Heather decided to help comfort her little brother.

"Don't worry.  We'll get to come visit you sometimes."


I'm going back to bed.

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