Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Eep.. it's the 5th already?  It's been a busy week, so I'll use that as the excuse for not updating in so long.

We drove down to Dad's to pick up the rest of Mom's things.  That means I stood around Mom's craft room for several hours, pointed at things, shook my head at other things, and Steve broke his back packing and then moving a ton of boxes into a U-Haul trailer.  After that was done, Dad directed us down to the garage and we repeated the process with dozens of boxes of holiday decorations, books, furniture, and pretty much anything else Dad could coerce us into realizing we "needed".

After cramming a 5x8 trailer full, we turned around and drove back home.  Since we got home at around 10pm and had to be up early for church, we ignored the stuff and pretty much collapsed where we stood until dawn.  If anyone had happened to walk by the house, they would have seen what likely appeared to be either a family that succumbed to mass amounts of chloroform, or a family that had a REALLY good party....
Even Hunter looked like he'd had a few too many cups of apple juice.  Just sayin'.

After Church ended and we got home to the patiently waiting trailer, it just happened to be the hottest point of the day.  Steve took one quick glance up at the sun, gave a sharp shake of his head and stomped into the house muttering something along the lines of "..ain't no way, no how.."  So, we waited a few hours in the hopes that it would cool down enough to not wilt after picking up the first box.  It did...sorta.

It got down to the low 90s.  PERFECT!  At least, perfect for me.  Everyone else was giving amazing impressions of Death Valley victims.  Oh well.  It was getting close to dinner time and we HAD to unload that trailer.  Then came the realization that we had just moved an entire room and half a garage worth of things up to our home and we were already in the process of trying to clear things out because we have too much stuff.  Now what??

Well, we got it all in.  The kids have half a playroom left, but it's all in here.  We'll unpack and organize it after we clear out some of the original clutter around here. Or maybe we'll just move it all into Sarah's room when she leaves for college.

Whichever comes first.

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