Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Friday! Let the family torture begin!

First order of business:  Work in Progress update.  This week it was the Garfield wreath and I'm now nearly finished.  I'll complete him the next time I pick this up, but that won't be for another month.

Until then, you'll just have to imagine Garfield happily flopped across the wreath in that less-than-subtle Garfield shaped hole there....

Next order of business...

Remember Wednesday's blog about computers and television in today's world?  Well, I got alot of emails and messages telling me what a great idea I had, so Steve and I have decided to go ahead and see if we can manage this.  Of course, yesterday when we were discussing starting today it was all "Wow, this is gonna be great! I can't wait to see how we bond without computers getting in the way! Everyone's gonna have such a great time!"

Fast forward to this morning.  I roll out of bed and get breakfast taken care of for the little ones and then break the news that they can't watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while they eat.  Cue the high pitched caterwauling we knew was coming.  Once the food is snarfed down, everyone stalks upstairs to the disaster area locally referred to as the "playroom".  The kids are told to find their floor as I am fairly certain it was there last week and if they hurry, it might still be there.  I turn toward the computer room to update my webpage and blog to let people know that if I don't respond to emails it isn't because I hate them. (Well, most of them, anyway.)

Sarah spots me and points at my computer.  "How come you get to use the computer????"  While I'm sorely tempted to get all haughty and snipe "Because I'm special" I just know she'll finish the thought with "Ed" so I resist the urge.  Instead I point out that there are a couple of things that need to be taken care of first and then I'll be on the bandwagon with everyone else.

That's when I hear Steve mumble under his breath that he'll be fine.  He has his Droid.  CHEATER!!!!

Okay, so Steve's failed within the first few hours.  Just as I'm about to gloat at his total lack of will power, he points out that his job kind of requires him to be available 24/7 if I don't want people with large weapons showing up at the door demanding his location.  *sigh*  Yeah, I'll concede that.  But once he's home, NO INTERNET! 

I mean, if I can do it, so can he.

This is when he points out that I'm not really "fasting" the internet anymore than he is.  After all, I'm still going to be expected to post updates on my blog to keep people abreast of how fast our children are deteriorating into the cast of "Lord of the Flies".  Plus, we were going to have me log into Facebook regularly to get our game credit bonuses that are given out every few hours, and that HAS to count as failing a virtual pee test.


Fine!  I'll ixnay the game credits thing.  Facebook will just have to do without me for a week.  How will you all survive?!?!  I know it'll be tough, but I'm sure you can manage.  Just take it one day at a time.  *end sarcasm*

As for the daily blog updates.  I'm afraid he's right on that count.  An entire week of my children actually having to interact with each other and not relying on the boob tube babysitter HAS to be documented.  The potential for blackmail material to be used in the dating years cannot be ignored. Not to mention the fact that there's no limit to the amount of chaos that is guaranteed to ensue.

Speaking of which.... there are no kids up here anymore.  And I don't hear anything at all.

Hey! Does anyone else smell smoke??

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