Monday, June 6, 2011

Family traits.....

One thing about families that no one seems to be able to escape is genetics.  There's always some trait that gets passed down whether you want it to or not.  Sometimes it's blue eyes, or red hair, or bad tempers, or unibrows.  My family seems to have this crafty, way too much creativity to be healthy thing going on.  ... well that, and a penchant for ill-timed sarcasm.

My cousin is an amazing artist. My sister sings. My dad is a walking encyclopedia. My aunt is an interior decorator. My mom could paint, draw, scrapbook, and essentially create beautiful stuff out of thin air.  Sarah was bound to get something from the family gene pool.  She got some gorgeous blue eyes, a love of cats and chocolate, a big mouth... (hey, I had to contribute something.)

Oh yeah.. and she also got the ability to do stuff like this:
and this...

Yeah... she produced both of these in about 30 minutes.  Her granddad bought her a set of watercolor crayons and she was playing around with those today.  Not terrible considering she was fending off Heather and Hunter the entire time.

Of course, she hates both of these because she's still learning how to use the crayons and make them look like watercolor paints after the drawing is done, but I thought they were cute so I'm showing them off.

Oh, and she drew this one for her Granny Karen.  She doesn't really like it either... go figure.  She's worried that people will notice things that she thinks are wrong.  Perfectionist.  Sheesh.

So yeah... creativity and artistry seem to run in the family.  Everyone got something they can brag about.

What did I get?  Umm... well, I can sorta sing.  I can sorta cross stitch.  I can sorta draw.  Oh, and I can make a person's eyes bleed with the fashion choices I make on a regular basis.

Then there's this amazing ability to babble incessantly when someone puts a keyboard in front of me....


  1. And she's how old? They are fantastic!

  2. Sarah's 12 years old.

    She has much better stuff she's completed, but I've been really lazy about updating pages on my site. I still have to figure out how to get the pictures of her sculpture off my phone and onto my computer. She got bored one afternoon and created a modified Lisa Frank cat out of Playdoh.

  3. I love them all--but of course I AM her grandmother. She does have an amazing talent. Don't forget, on our side of the family, Aunt Becca is an artist, and I do quilting and make pretty stuff sewing. With all the talent on both side, she was really destined to be a great artist.

  4. Ain't that the truth! I'm hoping she gets as good at sewing and quilting as you are, cuz I don't stand a snowball's chance in Hell of being able to teach her. LOL!