Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rain, rain.... ENOUGH ALREADY!!

Today was our church choir BBQ.  I got up really early and bolted across the street to give my neighbor's dogs their morning walk.  Like they usually do, the dogs moped because their mommy was gone and eventually got around to doing their business and moping slowly across the yard some more.  Then suddenly, they both bolted for the front door of the house hauling me behind them.  Now I'm not a dog person and I can't even identify their breed, but they're both white, have short curly hair, and are slightly larger than a chihauhau.  And I got dragged along behind the two of them like a ragged old kite.  Why did they suddenly decide they needed to be inside their home?

Because about four seconds later the sky decided to drop enough water to fill the Grand Canyon right on my skull.

Okay, so the dogs are smarter than I am, but after they were happily inside (and still dry, I might add), I skedaddled across the street and into my own home to grumble about the weather and hope things got a bit more arid within a few hours, or at least during the drive to the hosts' home.  It didn't.  But that wasn't going to deter us.  There was GOING to be BBQing and revelry.  Even if we needed canoes and snorkelling gear to do it.

So Steve and the rest of the testosterone-ridden attendees stood outside in the rain grilling the food while the women-folk stayed inside and took bets on who'd come in first.  Steve lasted the longest, grilling for a couple of hours to get everything done.  He wasn't nearly as amused by my suggestion of wringing out his clothes to measure the rainfall as I was.

After much laughter and much more cramming of the collective gullets, it was finally time to round up the kids and try to start toward home.  I expect my kids to thank the hosts whenever we're invited into someone else's home so my two youngest scampered up to them and got alot of "awww, that's so sweet!"s from the adults around them.  Heather rattled off something no one understood the first time and when prompted to repeat herself piped up "Can we take some home?"  One glance at a still fully stocked food table and the response was "Of course you can!  There's plenty!"  Then Heather got a huge grin on her face and darted out of the kitchen.

*insert a room full of confused glances being exchanged*   Umm?  A little bit of panic set in as we all began to realize that she hadn't been asking for leftovers.....

A few minutes later, I found my darling daughter upstairs in the playroom.  She was helping herself to as many toys as she could carry.


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