Tuesday, June 14, 2011

They're growing back.....

Those weeds.  They're coming back.  I knew they would, but I was kind of hoping it would take more than a couple of days.  *whimper*

Steve and I have been discussing what is to be done about it next spring.  Loosely translated: I've been planning out loud and he's been running finances through his mind and trying not to cry.  I've decided that I'm going to dig the entire area up, move all the dirt to some other part of our property, and fill in the gaping hole with a layer of ground cover, a ton of potting soil mixed with plant food, and a whole slew of pretty flowers that I don't stand a chance of keeping alive.  Since the area in question is approximately 6' x 10' and it's been recommended that I dig about a foot down to be sure there aren't any particularly devious weeds left behind, you can just imagine how many bags of soil we'll have to buy.  Then there's the need to buy enough flowers and plants to fill the vacated space, the various fertilizers and weed killers that will be purchased just in case, all the gardening tools, gardening books, gardening gloves....

How did I manage to get Steve to agree to this?  Easy peasy.  I just happened to let it slip that somewhere in that long list of necessities should be that fancy shmancy wheelbarrow attachment he's been wanting for his lawnmower.  After all, we've gotta get all the old dirt moved somehow right?

And I didn't forget about involving the kids in the project.  Sarah is excited about picking a bunch of flowers that she thinks are pretty.  Heather can't wait to water whatever gets planted while the rest of us frantically attempt to keep her from drowning everything in sight.  And Hunter gets to play in the old dirt and retrieve as many worms as he can find.

Granted, not a one of us knows the first thing about gardening or landscaping but how hard can it be to play in dirt? Besides, I have a backup plan if this fails and weeds creep back into my flowerbed. 

I've agreed that Steve can buy a flamethrower too.

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