Monday, June 20, 2011

I can rip up trees with my bare hands!

No really.  I can!

The tallest one came up to my waist and I landed in an undignified heap when it finally lost its grip on the soil, but I got it!  Just call me Hulkess!  wait.... on second thought, I'd probably rather you didn't.

The past couple of months have been, well let's just say it's been a little bit soggy here for awhile.  Pair that with clouds of seeds that looked like pretty little spring snow storms and EVERYONE'S suddenly got an infestation of little trees springing up .... everywhere.  I'm told they're maple trees.  I wouldn't know as the only plants I can recognize without help are venus flytraps.

It was bad enough to have to circle our back deck and yank trees out from around it and even under it, along with the trees we had to pull out of the mud surrounding our little 2 foot circular pond.  But you can just imagine the conniption fit that ensued when I discovered a little tree growing INSIDE one of my flox plants.  All I can say is that the littles were highly entertained by my behavior and I'm sure any neighbors who may have seen me in action are now completely convinced that I'm the village idiot... and probably a bit unstable.

That's okay.  Tomorrow Steve gets to go finish the job I started last week.

He gets to go yank out the rest of the blasted trees that are growing ... check that... THRIVING in our gutters.  Apparently we're supposed to be cleaning those out more than once every other year.

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