Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sleep... what's that?

I know I'm supposed to be quirky and this blog is supposed to be a weak excuse for humor, but today's not been a day rife with stuff worthy of making fun of.  I think alot of the problem is that I'm just pretty tired.

I can't seem to sleep well anymore.  I'm having constant nightmares or just waking up again for no apparent reason.  When I'm not actively busy with something my mind wanders and I find myself reliving my mother's last day.  Now I'm not one of those people who sits and mopes or dwells on misery.  It takes entirely too much energy to avoid humor, entertainment, or life in general and I'm naturally lazy and content to laugh my way through the day.  So laying in bed at night trying to go to sleep and suddenly realizing my bedroom has just transformed itself into a hospice room isn't usually how I choose to end my day.  And it's making slumber one of those elusive carrots that dangles just out of reach while I try to decide if I really want to risk taking it.

I'm sorry.  Like I said... I'm tired.  And I babble when I'm tired.... or sore... or hungry... or distracted... or....
okay so I babble everytime I communicate.

Bed or bejeweled?   Bed or bejeweled? 

Hypercube anyone?

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