Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Friday! That means WIP reports.

Welp, this marks the first time I've tried to include images into this blog thing and there's no telling what will happen.  This could be fun.  Or dangerous.  Whichever.

Awesome, right?  Eventually that's going to be Mirabilia's "Cinderella" and will look just amazing.  *cough*  In theory, anyway.  Lauren from Sassy's Fabbys custom dyed some 32 ct jobelan for me and I'm just thrilled with how it turned out. 

I'd like to offer up some lofty promises of finishing this later this month and being able to show it off in all its glory before Independence Day, but anyone who knows me would tear something internally from laughing so hard.  Let's just play it safe and aim for a little before Christmas... 2017.

I do keep a stitching journal of sorts on my website, along with some of the art my daughter churns out.  It's in pretty desperate need of updating on most of the pages, but once again it's been proven that me swearing to get caught up is akin to Donald Duck swearing to see a speech therapist.

Someday.  Honest.

*sidesteps a lightning bolt*

Ya gotta admit.  I'm getting better at dodging those!

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