Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh no! It's CHOCOLATE!!

Bet you'd never think you'd ever hear ME say that, right?  Yeah, me either.

Picture this: 

A very happy 3 year old charging down the hallway into my room.
A custom dyed piece of linen and alot of floss scattered across the bed.
A large amount of chocolate that never actually made it into the 3 yr old's mouth and instead liquified all over his face, hands, and fingers.
A small distance, rapidly getting smaller and smaller, between my current project and the cutest case of chocolate armageddon in recent history.

"Oh no!  It's CHOCOLATE!!"
Yep.  Those are the words I yelped as several things happened at once:

I grabbed my project and leapt up onto the bed and against the wall out of reach of my child.
The two cats who had been sleeping awoke, panicked, tried to run off the bed to safety and instead collided before running in opposite directions.
Two clouds of fur appeared that apparently were also too startled to remember gravity was supposed to make them fall out of the air.
Hunter squealed in earsplitting delight at the chaos he'd obviously caused and what must have been a look of abject terror on my face.

Once I was satisfied that the disaster had been averted and cautiously allowed Hunter within reach so I could clean him up, it was revealed that all he really wanted to do in the first place was to show me that he'd finished eating his chocolate and beg me for more.

Really.  More chocolate.  After that?!?!

I get dibs on the dark chocolate.

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  1. The number 1 reason why my stiching stays away till the kids are in lockdown!