Friday, June 24, 2011

Fridays: Family, Fun, Friends, and other Fiascos.

I know I'm late with my blog, but it's been a busy day. 

As usual, Hunter rolled out of bed and woke up the sun again.  A few hours later I wrangled the kids into clothes suitable for public viewing and we trudged off to get my passport taken care of.  What should have been a 20 minute transaction involving three pages of paperwork, one snapshot, and a receipt somehow became 40 minutes of Heather and Hunter arguing over the photo stool and hamming it up while the woman handling passports played fashion photographer with them and assured me that she didn't really mind.

I'm not sure who was more unhappy; the embarrassed mother who really just wanted to finish up and go HOME before someone called a local circus or the absolutely miserable teen who had just been introduced to feminine cramps on steroids that was curled up in the fetal position in a corner trying not to go on a homicidal rampage.

Once we got out of there we still had to run by the store to grab a few necessities which ALWAYS involves hyperactivity, threats, whining, confinement to the back of a shopping cart, more whining, some growling, and eventual highway robbery at the cash register.

By this time it was far too late in the day for Hunter to get his nap so we didn't bother.  Everyone was looking forward to going out to watch the church's softball team play.  Finally it was time to go so we piled into my car and headed off to grab a couple of tacos on the way.  Ten minutes later, Hunter was out cold and not the least bit interested in trying to stay alert for a few hours.  Okay... we hung a u-ie and dropped him back at home with Daddy so he could zonk comfortably.  Of course Hunter woke up just enough to realize he was being robbed of an outing and the screaming heebie jeebies began while I escaped out the front door before Steve could change his mind and toss the boy back into my car.

Once at the park, the parents were pleasantly surprised to find that tonight's assigned field didn't have a large swath of loose dirt for our children to roll around in all evening.  The children were not even remotely thrilled about this and there were a few rounds of "I'm bored.  There's no dirt in this grass." before we coaxed them into playing tag and burning some energy.  A few innings later, Heather turned up in her matching tan outfit. 

Wait...  tan?  She was wearing a green shirt and jean shorts when we got here!  Where'd they find dirt??? 

Oh.  They dug up the grass and moved rocks around until they had a satisfactory dirt patch.  *sigh*  At least they wore themselves out playing and scampering around for the duration.

Now it's 10:30 at night.  Steve's relaxing with a new computer game that was just released earlier this week.  Sarah's at a friend's house for the night.  I'm planning to go see how many stitches I can get into this week's project before I pass out.

And Heather and Hunter are sneaking out of bed and creeping across the playroom to get toys because they insist they're not tired yet.

I'd scream, but someone would just panic and call the police. 

Hey... does anyone know if holding cells are quiet?

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